Why Standards Matter in Managed Services


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It has been a longstanding issue at the MSPAlliance that we have standards for the MSP profession. While this may have been a philosophical issue early on, it is no longer merely an academic matter. Today, standards matter.  
The UK government is now taking matters into their own hands regarding MSP standards and practices. Why does this matter? Because the UK (and many other governments) are now acting without the benefit of any working knowledge about MSPs, and doing so believing the MSPs have no formalized standard of their own.  
MSPs do have standards 
Governmental action is legitimate, but be warned not to overreach 
Do not mistake lack of enforcement for lack of a standard 
MSPZone Reading Material: https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=3022e31f-a8d1-4dd1-87d4-e6c10f284b9b 
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