TubbTalk 117: Defining Managed Services and What is Means to be an MSP Today – Erick Simpson

How do you sell improved cyber protection to new and existing customers? And how do you manage out those clients who are less profitable and unwilling to meet the baseline standard security offering you are presenting to all of your other clients?

Live from the Acronis Cybersummit 2022 in Miami, Richard Tubb talks to Erick Simpson, Channel Expert, Thought Leader and Influencer and Managed Services pioneer about how managed services has evolved over the years. How to ensure you’re clients are paying enough for cyber protection that meets their liability insurance, and what to do about those clients who don’t want to pay for the protection they need.

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0:00 Introduction
4:35 Tell us about your background before you coined the term ‘managed services’
9:27 Why are there so many break-fix businesses still exist when managed services is so well know?
16:36 How do you explain to people what you do today?
18:43 What has been the biggest change in the industry since you started out?
22:00 Internal IT once saw us as the rival competition – what’s changed?
27:21 So would you recommend cyber insurance for MSPs?
31:08 How do you broach the difficult subject of asking clients to pay more for increased security?
39:06 Grouping your clients using the ABC bucket analogy.
45:35 What makes Erick Simpson get out of bed in the morning?
54:10 Who are your biggest influences?
57:44 What’s next for Erick Simpson?
59:33 Where’s the best place to get in touch with you?

Show Notes:

Erick Simpson Blog – It’s Time to Fire Some Customers

To reach out to James, you can find him on:
Website: www.ericksimpson.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericksimpson/

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