Top 10 Business Management Jobs

In 2019, almost 400,000 Business-related degrees were awarded in the US. What are these financial academics doing upon graduation and is all this competition worrying you for what career choice to pursue after University? Well let’s dive straight into the top 10 business management jobs for business graduates.

Lets go through the Median Salaries for Select Management Occupations, a Job Summary, Entry-Level Education and finally the 2020 Median Pay for
Administrative Services and Facilities Managers
Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers
Compensation and Benefits Manager
Computer and Information Systems Managers
Financial Managers
Human Resources Managers
Industrial Production Managers
Medical and Health Services Manager
Natural Sciences Managers
Sales Managers
Training and Development Managers
Top Executives

Now one very obvious position I haven’t mentioned is a business manager – if you have more interest in this career, a job title I help myself for 13 months, check out this 3 minute break down here:

If none of the above jobs tickle your fancy and you are looking for a remote job – why not try procurement and or supply chain positions where I have made a video on this topic previously here:

Now obviously the above pay scales are very US-orientated and I would advise checking out your country’s median salary before throwing down your CV.

With that said, thank you a billion for watching!

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