Ransomeware Step by Step – What happens if you pay up?

This is a video about Ransomeware, covering the steps it takes and includes the business response and implications if a ransom is actually paid.

In this edition Rob   explains the first step and subsequent steps of a ransomware attack. Follow the escalation step by step of how something seemingly innocent can quickly develop into an existential   crisis.

Cyber attacks are becoming more complex and sophisticated all the time, but they generally have a simple aim. They deploy programs that run on your computer and then demand payment to unlock files or remove malicious  software.

In this video we talk about   ransomware a malware that encrypts files so they cannot be accessed. This kind of attack, showcased famously in the global WannaCry attack in May 2017, has been growing in popularity alongside increased awareness of cyber attacks and the growth of online networks and  services.

00:00 Ransomeware: should we pay?
02:52 Lets talk about Ransomware
03:21 Eating some Humble Pie
06:04 It’s basically extortion
07:29 20 Billion
08:31 Think: Backup Restore time = Outage Time
09:41 The Biggest Cost will always be downtime
10:41 It’s not just a technological attack.
11:02 Being digital means living with digital vulnerability
12:40 It’s a lot to think about
12:56 The realisation that there may be no viable alternative manual process
14:56 It starts with Social Engineering
15:59 Multi Factor Authentification
16:42 Emotional Intelligence and Sector Vulnerabilities
17:26 When will you be attacked? Key Business Events
20:37 Scenario/Walkthrough Begins Here
22:39 The attack started a long time ago
26:59 CISO and CTIO Independent Reporting Lines
30:35 You will have an open dialogue with the gang
33:30 Pay Us in Bitcoin
36:47 Bitcoin Ransom Accruals!
37:35 Cyber Insurance is a badge of honour
38:55 Do companies pay?
41:58 Double & Triple Jeopardy
43:30 It just gets worse
45:23 Rehearse & Prepare: Manage the Adrenaline
46:58 It’s not an engineering based solution
48:44 The Business Continuity Baseline has changed
50:49 You cease to be Digital
51:41 Is it an advantage to be a smaller company?
52:14 There’s no business that’s immune
52:46 One more shout out for MFA
53:58 Mirror your personal protection
54:22 Firewall Appliance
55:47 Perfection – the enemy of progress?
56:22 IT is just a cost centre
57:04 Getting ready for the next episode