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Worried about bears when you’re camping? Same here.

We can’t ease your mind about bears poking their furry paws into your tent, but one of our customers can help out when it comes to bears getting into your food.

Canyon Coolers is based in Arizona (like us!) and makes really sturdy, bear-proof coolers. They’re a $6 million business and a Nextiva customer running their customer conversations through our communication app. Check out the link below if you want to learn more about Canyon Coolers and maybe take one on your next outdoor adventure.

Whether you’re doing millions in sales or just starting to get your first customers, Nextiva can help you build relationships and wins deal through quality conversations. And the new Productivity Plugin gives you unlimited calls and text messages, unlimited video meeting duration, unlimited chat rooms, and unlimited file storage.

Do our new board members like the sound of that? Yes, they do. They want us to keep getting better and giving customers what they want. It’s always a win-win.

Want to see how Nextiva works? Check this out:

Thinking you could use a Canyon Cooler? Watch their story:

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