No Power, No VoIP Phone System? [Telecom Myth 9]

No power, no business, right? Not necessary. Even when the lights are out, you can still be within reach of colleagues, clients, and, customers with a VoIP phone system. Learn how in this video.

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Video Transcript:
Hi, there! I’m Telecom Tim from JD Young. In today’s episode, we’re going to bust another telecom myth.

Myth number nine: A cloud-based voice-over-IP phone system is just one office power outage away from losing all phone capabilities until the power is restored.

Truth: Unfortunately, losing power doesn’t mean your business gets the day off. Being that a voice-over-IP is cloud-based instead of relying upon an office-based server, calls can be forwarded to any mobile device and messages can be accessed by any device with the proper secure log-on credentials. Still, you could always opt for taking calls from the beach!

There you have it — another myth BUSTED. Stay tuned as we bust more telecom myths in coming episodes. You can also learn more at ‘em Telecom Tim sent ya!

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