Email Marketing For Managed Services Providers

If you’re not sending at least one marketing email a week, you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

Provide something in your emails that your recipients will value. Otherwise, you’re simply sending spam. Send them a free eBook, invite them to a webinar. Or send a checklist. For example: “Do these 10 things to prevent a ransomware attack.”

What platform should you use to manage your email marketing?

You have your choice of platforms to use, but we recommend Infusionsoft. It helps you stay consistent with your email marketing. It automates everything. It makes email marketing easy.

It also provides information on how many people open and click through your emails. (Note: Your click-through rate is what’s important. Not just the open rate.) It scores interactions from your recipients so you can tell your sales people when to contact them. Call us at Ulistic—We’ll tell you how to use Infusionsoft and get you a good deal on it.

How to get people to open and click through your emails.

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