Decide for yourself on a Residential VoIP phone service

Decide for yourself on a Residential VoIP Phone Service Provider
Residential VoIP is a revolutionary technology that enables you to make calls using the internet. The introduction of VoIP has brought some evolutionary changes in the telecom industry. Some of these changes include deep discounted long distance calling rates (both national and international) that saves a lot to customers; flexibility to use the service anywhere with an internet connection; several free features and more. These changes have attracted many people to switch to residential VoIP services over the last decade. Choosing a VoIP service provider from a crowd is not that easy as it seems, because every service provider claims that their service is the best in industry. However, there are some factors to consider that will allow you to choose the right service. These factors include:
• Enquiring VoIP users about their service: Asking your friends and relatives who are already using a VoIP service will help you.
• Know your calling needs: Ask yourself, where and when you use the service? How many domestic and international calls you make in a month?
• Estimate callers and phones in your home: Know how many callers are there in your family and how may phones they are using. Also enquire the provider about the number of free and paid extensions (registered numbers) they offer with the service.
• Compare international rates and free features: Estimate your number of international calls in a month. Now compare per minute rates from different service providers to different countries and choose the one that offers you the lowest rates. Also compare the number of free features offered by the service providers along with their service.
• Call quality: The quality of a VoIP service depends on the area of its operation i.e., in the US or other countries. The quality of the call will be low and there will be delay in the conversation if the service is offered from overseas.
• Service assurance: Before choosing a service, make sure that the provider is offering any assurance of their service or not. For example, some providers like RangaTel and Vonage are offering a 30-day money back guarantee on their calling plans.
• Service trial: Check whether any service provider is offering a trial of their service to try it out for a period of time.

Even though there are some companies that are offering great service to their customers, RangaTel stands out from the crowd with its low cost, feature-rich and reliable residential VoIP phone service. RangaTel is deep discounted international calling plans including US & Canada Unlimited, World plan and India Unlimited plan to make free unlimited international and long distance calls. It also offers deep discounted rates on per minute international calls. Customers can also make use of the free in-network calls and several free features like enhanced voicemail, online call history, online account management, Do Not Disturb (DND), 3-way calling and more included in every plan. Their service is flexible to use anywhere you go by just connecting the RangaTel telephone adapter to the internet. You can also use the service on your mobiles by downloading the “RangaTel Registered Numbers” app. RangaTel also offers service assurance with a 30-day money back guarantee on every calling plan.

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