Customers Love Omnichannel Contact Centers: What They Are and How to Use Them

Who loves omnichannel contact centers more? Customers or agents?

Customers love that the agent who picks up the phone already knows that last month, they emailed about their damaged shipment, and last week, they reached out to the company on social media to ask when the new package would arrive.

Agents love that the customers seem just a little more chill because they don’t have to start the conversation by giving the agent the rundown of the last few encounters. Agents are know-it-alls. And that makes them feel good — and lets them help more customers in a day.

Omnichannel is a win-win for customers and agents. When your call center becomes a contact center and serves customers over the phone, webchat, email, SMS, and social media, your CX just got a whole lot better.

You know that link that Jessica was talking about? The blog with five tips on improving customer experience? We found it for you:

Omnichannel Contact Center: Core Features + 5 Insider Tips

Need a simple way to explain to your mom what the difference is between a call center and a contact center? Tom’s great at spelling it out in simple terms:

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