CommissionTrac: Scaling with ClearScale Managed Services

One key benefit of working with ClearScale is that CommissionTrac’s small engineering team didn’t have to worry about ensuring business continuity. ClearScale took on the responsibility of monitoring CommissionTrac’s IT infrastructure and addressing unforeseen downtime, saving the company’s CTO from many sleepless nights.

The cloud service provider also helped scale up CommissionTrac’s infrastructure to make it more reliable and available. ClearScale added redundant server instances, load balancing, and monitoring agents that detect issues as soon as they arise.

Furthermore, CommissionTrac was able to offload DevOps tasks to ClearScale. Rather than allocate engineering resources away from valuable development time, CommissionTrac can now raise a ticket with ClearScale and trust that the managed service provider will come up with multiple solutions that all fulfill business requirements. Consequently, CommissionTrac’s developers can focus more energy on how to continue delivering excellent experiences to commercial real estate brokerages.

To date, ClearScale has been able to solve every issue and generate solutions around any needs that CommissionTrac’s CTO has. ClearScale is highly professional and knowledgeable, which gives CommissionTrac’s leadership team peace of mind that its back-end DevOps partner is taking care of the company’s core application behind the scenes.


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