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Julie Castongia, Director of GE Systems, HealthCare Partners

Healthcare Partners is a large medical group and independent physician organization in the southern California area. We’re not unique to California, but maybe a little unique to the rest of the country, as we are a delegated risk model medical group. That means we essentially assume risk from our health plans. In a lot of ways we’re acting like a payer, even though our primary focus is our medical group and IPA practice.

Addressing healthcare reform
I think like many organizations one of the biggest challenges we’re facing right now are reductions in our reimbursements and really dealing with some of the new legislative models that are being introduced — healthcare reform. Primarily it’s trying to do more and provide better quality and more efficient care for our patients in this era of shrinking reimbursements.

Flexibility and interoperability
Working with GE and in particular the Centricity Business products, we found a very flexible product that’s able to adapt to some of these changing models. We’re entering into some new arrangements — for instance, some self-insured groups. So, we’re able to use Centricity Business’s Managed Care Application to administer these new plans and really adjust and be able to provide different types of models or be able to administer those different types of models.

We have also entered into some accountable care organization contracts as well. The flexibility around the Centricity Business products and the interoperability we’ve found has been a big differentiator in that we’re able to connect to our other systems as well.

Scalability and connectivity
In the future, I see definitely a very scalable model with the GE platform and the ability again to connect with other systems. The open platform has allowed us to do some things that I don’t know that we’d be able to do in something that’s a little more restrictive environment. #GEHealthcare #GeneralElectric

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Centricity Business Revenue Cycle Management Software at HealthCare Partners | GE Healthcare