AWS re:Invent 2022 – Keynote with Swami Sivasubramanian

Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President, Data and Machine Learning, AWS, reveals the latest AWS innovations that can help you transform your company’s data into meaningful insights and actions for your business. Hear from leading AWS customers who are using data to bring new experiences to life for their customers.

Featuring the launch of Amazon Athena for Apache Spark, Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters, Amazon SageMaker Geospatial ML capabilities, Amazon Redshift Multi-AZ, Trusted Language Extensions for PostgreSQL, AWS GuardDuty RDS Protection, AWS Glue Data Quality, Centralized Access Controls for Redshift Data Sharing, Amazon SageMaker ML Governance, Amazon DataZone, Amazon Redshift auto-copy from S3, Amazon Appflow now offering 50+ Connectors, and educator traning for AWS Machine Learning University.

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Guest Speakers:
26:40 Rathi Murthy, Expedia Group CTO and President of Expedia Product & Technology
41:06 Kumar Chellapila, GM, ML/AI Services, AWS
1:06:46 Shikha Verma, head of product, Amazon DataZone, AWS
1:23:40 Anna Berg Åsberg, Global VP, R&D IT at AstraZeneca

00:02:00 – Welcome
00:02:48 – Creativity, the science of ideas
00:08:14 – Data is the genesis for modern invention
00:10:40 – Customer stories
00:12:06 – Core elements of a data strategy
00:12:46 – Build future-proof foundations
00:18:35 – LAUNCH – Amazon Athena for Apache Spark
00:19:41 – Amazon Redshift Integration for Apache Spark
00:21:05 – Performance at Scale
00:24:14 – LAUNCH – Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters
00:25:41 – Customer stories
00:26:39 – Guest Speaker: Rathi Murthy of Expedia
00:35:50 – Removing heavy lifting
00:38:42 – Geospatial data
00:39:55 – LAUNCH – Amazon Sagemaker Geospatial ML
00:41:10 – Demo – Amazon Sagemaker now supports Geospatial ML
00:46:30 – Reliability and scalability
00:48:12 – LAUNCH – Amazon Redshift Multi-AZ
00:50:35 – LAUNCH – Trusted Language Extensions for PostgreSQL
00:51:56 – Shared responsibility model
00:53:00 – LAUNCH – Amazon GuardDuty RDS Protection
00:54:30 – Connective tissue
00:57:20 – Quality tools and data drive future growth
00:58:43 – LAUNCH – AWS Glue Data Quality
00:59:50 – Data governance connects siloed teams
01:02:10 – LAUNCH – Centralized Access Controls for Redshift Data Sharing
01:04:15 – LAUNCH – Amazon SageMaker ML Governance

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